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Cold-cut Terrazzo.
100% made in Melbourne.

Mortadello combines a number of personal passions; stone, colour, geometry, and generally getting dirty!

In-between my professional trades as a carpenter and music producer, my experiments began with rose pink coloured spherical stools.

After cutting back the aggregate and adding a splash of water, I uncovered what appeared to be a cross section of deli-meat!

Mortadello was born.

Perfectly imperfect

Each terrazzo piece is distinctively different, handmade from start to finish.

Mortadello is a composite material consisting of stone chips and pigment, poured with specialised concrete-based binder. Poured in place or precast, it can be used for a number of floor and wall application.

This arduous 4 week process involves wet grinding and polishing by hand, followed by a curing process, before a final sealer can be applied.

A process like no other

Unlike many Terrazzo suppliers and installers, we work with you through the entirety of your project – to supply you with a beautiful, unique terrazzo piece like no other.

From conception, colour development, sampling and overall body of work, we will be your constant point of contact.

We provide you with a product that is designed, manufactured, installed and sealed by the one entity... us!

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Custom Colours.
Custom Orders.

I’m humbled when you choose one of my pieces, and love that it can play a part in your everyday life.

Unlike your average grumpy concreter, my hands on approach welcomes collaboration, and I’m always open to exploring new ideas and experimentation – working with you to create a distinctly personal piece for the home or office.

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